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How to find the right roofing contractor near Long Branch, New Jersey.

Are you a homeowner and grappling with roofing issues in Monmouth County? From older style 3-tab shingles to moss growth and intrusive roof leaks, roofing problems can become pretty severe if ignored. Finding a reliable roofing company can seem overwhelming for some. With so many different options to choose, its vital to pick a roofing contractor who can delivery quality and exceptional service.

Let’s explore some helpful tips to help find the perfect roofer for your home.

1. Check Online Reviews

Platforms like Yelp and Google reviews offer a wealth of information when it comes to finding information about a particular roofing company in your area.

Be sure to pay attention to both the positive and negative reviews, and look for recurring themes. A company with a good reputation should have plenty of reviews to sift through, and their overall rating should be at-least a 4.7.

2. Referrals and Recommendations

Reach out directly to friends and family to see if they’ve used a roofing company in the past that has done roofing work for them. You can get some firsthand experiences that will provide some valuable information when trying to find a company with professionalism and reliability.

3. Credentials

Always be sure that the company you choose is bonded, licensed, and insured in the state of New Jersey. After meeting with a contractor, ask to see these documents to have complete peace of mind they are legally able to perform work on your home.

4. Materials

Many companies offer different types of materials when it comes to roofing. Be sure to choose a manufacturer who has been in business for some time and has a well-known reputation for quality. Owens Corning, for example, is a household name and manufactures shingles in Kearny, New Jersey.

5. Contract!

When you have finally chosen the right roofing company, make sure all of the details outlined in the project are in writing! It is critical to include details such as the overall scope of work, materials being used, timeline, and any and all payment terms and conditions.

In conclusion, finding a local roofer near Long Branch, NJ, does not have to be a stressful task. By following the tips listed above, you can select a trustworthy contractor who will deliver exceptional service and quality.

Exterior Point Home Remodeling is one of the leading roofers in Monmouth County and partnered with Owens Corning to provide the highest quality roofing products and installations. Give us a call at 908-793-9888 to schedule a free roofing quote today!